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Master Post of Important Entries [Jun. 28th, 2035|10:52 am]
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Because I noticed there were a fair number of these starting to build up, I am going to minimise the clutter and post all important and relevant links here:

My List of Fandoms and Ships  -- (always changing/expanding, not all-inclusive)

My LJ Master List of Fan Fiction (all fandoms, all pairings, condensed via LJ Cuts. Date it was last updated will always be at the end of the post)

My AO3 List of Fics (easily sortable within the site in regards to fandom and/or pairings, characters, and any other tags used. Because of sporadic DDoS attacks and the LJ entry character limits that cut fics off around 9-k per post--as well as my tendency to fail at short fics--many of my newer (since summer 2011) fics, especially those written for fests, get posted there first. As of Dec 2011, there are still several newer fics there that are not on my LJ Master List. It's easier to update there, all things considered, so though all of my fics will eventually be posted here on LJ, my AO3 page will likely be fully updated before my list here is, though probably done in large spurts instead of steadily.) 

My List of Permissions for Podfic, Art, Translations, etc.

Dear Yuletide Author letter, 2011 edition (fandoms include Gattaca (1997 film), The Demon's Lexicon series, by Sarah Rees Brennan (sarahtales), and The Dark Tower series, by Stephen King.)

A Bunch of Things I Like, and a Few I Don't (dysonrules ' fandom-wide gift post; handy reference for exchange fests, brief lists of kinks/squicks, and even a few notes on RL things I like that don't have to do with fic. Posted back in July 2010, but I might update it at some point, as there are some things that are no longer actually valid!)

Prompt Me: Harry Potter edition (a place to leave simple phrases/objects/scenarios as prompts; always open and taking suggestions; mostly H/D, but other pairings or gen ideas welcome)

Prompt Me: Inception edition (a place to leave simple phrases/objects/scenarios as prompts; always open and taking suggestions; mostly A/E, but prompts accepted for any scenario/pairing)
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Permissions for Podfics, Art, Translations, etc. [May. 28th, 2020|10:50 am]
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Permissions for Podfics, Art, Translations, etc.:

Read more...Collapse )
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List of my fandoms and ships [Apr. 9th, 2020|09:34 pm]
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(General Note: This list is by no means complete. I can guarantee you I ship more pairings in these fandoms than are listed here, and I am open to fandoms that aren't on this list and I would welcome fic recs (and, if prompted, might even write) for them, even if I am not actively involved in that fandom)

(General Note #2: List of fandoms now in alphabetical order, though my main ones are noted with asterisks)

my MAIN fandoms and ships (not a complete listing of all loved fandoms)Collapse )
[updated 01 Sept 2013]
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Master Post of Fanfiction [Mar. 30th, 2020|01:36 pm]
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Harry Potter
Harry/Draco Drabbles and Ficlets (under 1000 words)Collapse )

Harry/Draco Shorter Oneshots (1000-10,000 words)Collapse )
Harry/Draco Longer Oneshots (10,000+ wordsCollapse ) 
Harry/Draco Series/Arcs:
RedemptionCollapse )

Taking What One Needs (BDSM)Collapse )

Private LessonsCollapse )

13 Smutty Nights (Halloween; Auror partners)Collapse )

Harry/Draco Other:
  • I'm Still Malfoy: Lyrics as sung by one Draco Malfoy (in a Harry/Draco context). Sung to the tune of Brad Paisley's "I'm Still A Guy". (335 words. PG-13. Crack!fic, Song Parody)

Harry Potter, other pairings, fics under 5000 wordsCollapse ) 
The Demon's Lexicon
  • Not Just Anyone: (Mae/Sin). Rebuffed by Nick, Mae finds someone else in the woods after the dance. (1067 words. PG-13. Femmeslash, a bit PWP). For caecandy   and woldy
  • Sinful Words: (Mae/Sin). A few words can change everything. (1952 words. PG-13. Femmeslash. Voice!kink. Spoilers for both Lexicon and Covenant. Mentions of canon deaths)

Drabbles/Ficlets (under 1000 words):
Arthur/Eames fics under 1000 wordsCollapse )

Fics over 1k:

The Hunger Games
  • Easy Sleep: (Katniss/Peeta). Peeta used to help Katniss sleep. This time, she returns the favor. (750 words, PG. Some angst). Spoilers for the whole of the series. Takes place during the epilogue of Mockingjay.
  • Round Midnight: (Katniss/Peeta). Katniss has a nightmare. Peeta helps. (70 words, PG. Angst, hurt/comfort). Written as a birthday gift for ladderax, who prompted Katniss/Peeta and "spoon". Spoilers through part of Catching Fire (set during the first half of that novel).

  • I Only Lent You My Body: (Vincent Freeman/Jerome Eugene Morrow). As time passes, Vincent and Jerome become comfortable with one another, until the boundaries of who they are when they're together start to...blur. (1400 words. PG-13, Angst). Written for yuletide 2011.

NOTES: There are still currently fics of mine that are not on this list. It's a slow, painful process to get them posted to my LJ and put on this list, but I am working on it. So far, the missing ones (to my knowledge) are:
  • 2010 Bottom_Draco -- It's a Cold and It's a Broken Hallelujah
  • 2010 HD_fan_far // Travel Fair -- The Most Miserable Place on Earth
  • 2010 HP_Yule_Balls -- Of Dark Wizards, Quidditch, and Samosas
  • Serpentinelion's first Glompfest -- Cocoa and Constellations
  • 2010 Goblin Market Ship Wars collaborative project (comic) -- The Waste Dreams Realised Leave Behind
  • 2011 Lip Locked -- One More Breath
  • 2011 H/D Remix -- If You're Having Problems, I Feel Bad For You Son
  • 2011 HP Kinkfest -- Cicatrices
  • Smoochfest 2011 -- Doctor! Doctor! (Is this love I'm feeling?)
  • HD_Relief (fic #1) -- Relax (don't do it)
  • HD Relief (fic #2) -- And He Alone Sits Lingering Here
  • LDWS entries at AE_LDWS, Round Two
  • HP_PornInTheSun -- Libiamo! (amor fra' calici più caldi baci avrà)
  • Serpentinelion's 2nd Glompfest -- Rebuilding Draco Malfoy
  • Pod_together's 2011 challenge -- "Handle With Care"
  • Fic and Art/Fic collabs at ae_match (Team Angst entry) -- "Murder Your Darlings project
  • HD_CockBook fic -- At Night a Candle's Brighter Than the Sun
  • HD_Canon_Fest 2011 -- New Eyes and Extra Colours
  • HD_Holidays 2011 -- Harry Potter and the Problematic Partnership
  • Mini_Fest fic  -- Near to Us No More
  • HP Challengefest, Round 2 -- Double Rush
  • 2011 Leopalooza -- Everything I Need
  • 2012 Valensmut  -- Wine and Pleasure in Equal Measure
  • Inception Big Bang, Round 2 -- Recipe for Disaster
  • Suits_Exchange, Round 1 -- Sick Day
  • 2012 H/D Remix -- Sine Qua Non (full version forthcoming)
  • giftfic for envy_venis -- Tea for Two
(There are also several that are currently in progress. These include 2012 Smoochfest, a few birthday fics, a number of charity fics, and a good number of other fics in the SuitsInception, Harry Potter, True Blood, Firefly, and Hunger Games fandoms. A few of the fics that have not yet been posted on my LJ can be found on my AO3 page.)

--updated 10 April, 2012
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Still alive, still kicking, still busy (and generally covered in sugar). [Nov. 26th, 2012|08:56 am]
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As for the question of my sanity...well, we could argue I've never been particularly sane, anyway, so maybe that's a bit moot.

Things are, of course, utterly crazy over here. Every time things seem to be working out and smoothing out and such, something sudden will happen to throw a wrench into it. Some of that'll be listed below, but this is gonna be kind of a fragmented post, possibly in bullet-points (let's see what happens), basically to give a general update of what's been going on over in khas-ville in the last few months.


  • We did hire a cake decorator. We transferred her, actually, from another location, because she's been trying to get into ours for a while. She's actually one of the company founder's grandchildren. She's 2 years younger than I am, and it's funny, because there are people who were worried she may not work out, or be easy to work with, but I fucking love this girl. She's like me, in that she's often quiet, but if she's comfortable, she's completely personable and happy to chat. We have a lot of fun, she's talented (and quick, oh, thank god) with the cake-making, she does theatre stuff (mostly stage managing, at present), so we have a lot to chat about there, she's funny, and she is soooo on top of ways to make the back easier to work in, more organized/streamlined, and she's the one employee I've never had to get on re: sanitation and health code and such (it's not really been a big problem, with others, but I've had to do more reminding to change out sanitizers, or keep raw eggs on bottom shelves, or making sure things are expedited for freshness, or quickly chilled, or whatever, than I feel I should, especially for those who've actually worked in kitchens before).
  • My department manager (we'll call him "Kid") left. He stepped down, then transferred to another store (the one where he'd worked before), but also switched from working bakery (or grocery, which is what he used to manage there before he managed bakery stuff here) to working the meat counter. We got a new manager (we'll call him "Metal" from this point on), who used to manage the bistro kitchen (he's been a chef pretty much his entire career). No, they didn't offer me the bakery manager position (I'm Assistant Manager for the bakery, and the Bakery Production (kitchen) Manager), but I would have absolutely declined, if they'd offered it, since it would have taken me out of the back. Metal's light-years of difference from Kid, which is both a plus and a minus, depending on the aspect of the job we're looking at. For instance, he's trained me on a lot of management and financial stuff, and with that info, we've seriously (and noticeably, even to corporate) improved our numbers since he/we took over in Oct.... But he, by his own admission, "knows shit about actual baking and cake stuff". So, it's interesting sometimes.
  • I have (er...had) three employees under me, which is a full staff: one full-time cake decorator (who can also do basic production, and is learning on that front, when she's NOT doing cakes/custom orders, which isn't often), and two general production people (one w/ FT hours, one w/ PT). The PT person (we'll call him "Train"; I swear, these nicknames aren't just picked by stabbing at a random page in the dictionary) Like, we've had to write off probably close to $1000 of product within 2 weeks, due to his errors. He's slowly improving, but I can't babysit him that much. It's a long story, as to how we ended up with him, anyway. My FT person was mostly competent, and had been noticeably improving, after the sit-down we had with her about a month ago.... Until she quit. Via a 2:04am text message. Four hours before her shift. THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING. Ironically, it was also a few days after we'd sat her down and said how we'd noticed her stepping up her game, and telling her how much we appreciated her making the effort, and other general praise. She cited "unresolved personal issues" and, trust me, I understand people can have issues. But even if she'd opened like planned, worked a couple of hours, and quit, it wouldn't have been such a big thing. Or if she'd given hints before. She was supposed to leave early that day to fly home for Thanksgiving, anyway. But whatever. We're interviewing someone tomorrow (used to work for the company, in the bistro, under Metal), and, really, all I really need right now is a body who can read a recipe and execute it, so the other girl and I can focus on things that require finesse (cakes, decorated cookies, "funcakes", etc.).
  • Because of the quitting thing, and having to babysit Train to correct errors and provide constant reminders (he was told to write stuff down by Metal, but doesn't, and that might be a Talk we have soon), I've been working on my days off. I'm salaried, so I don't get compensated in any official/guaranteed way. Metal's taken to popping up with lunch he's bought me, or my preferred energy drink, but it's not like I count on that, and he insists he's just "showing appreciation for [me] kicking ass and supporting how [he] can". It's more than other managers would do/have done, and I do appreciate it. He's a good guy. This is part of the reason I've been so scarce here (and even on twitter, lately), though--just a complete lack of time.

  • Still need to do another pic-heavy post of "here, look at some stuff I've made!"-type things.

  • Yeah, work is insane, but I'm still squeezing writing in. Often on my phone (and I swear, autocorrect is the bane of my existence during these times), just purely due to logistics. My poor, put-upon beta (the always amazing groolover) is quite good about just noting these errors, adjusting or highlighting as needed, and not commenting with "what the hell are you ON, substance-wise?" or the like. It's almost kind of fun to write, send to beta, do edits, and even post via phone, because until it hits AO3, I often have no idea how the hell many words a fic IS.
  • I've been failing at posting here, but there are newer fics up on my AO3. Suits and Teen Wolf. Plus, I have over a dozen other things that are not actually too far from being done (Suits, TW, Avengers, and I'm working on an Inception thing--the sequel to last year's Inception Big Bang).
  • Yeah, I've been sucked into Teen Wolf fandom. Violently. AND I REGRET NOTHING (though I still blame maja_li, who can be blamed for so much of what I do/write in fandom, you have no idea. Really, it's of note if she's NOT to blame for something or behind it in SOME fashion. But she seems quite happy to take this blame, so).
  • Have been able to hang out with the fantabulous Esby (byaghro) (alone, and occasionally with our spouses) lately, and thank god, no, really. It's such a life-saver and awesome thing to have a fellow fangirl so close by, who is totally okay with sitting in three different coffee shops/bakeries in a day, doing general squeeing, flailing, plotting, and reading of random internet things for like 7 hours before we meet up with aforementioned spouses for dinner and a movie (a thing we did Saturday, after I worked, since it was supposed to be my day off). GLORIOUS. Also, she and maja_li started plotting out possibilities for one of MY fics (that I'd been somewhat stuck on), via IM, while I was sitting there and glaring at my fic!doc, despite Esby not having actually seen any of the show/fandom in question (besides the "we're on a ship!" Sterek video/promo). Which was sort of an odd thing, but worked out, because they were able to toss enough around in the way of possible things that fit what I was looking to do to get me settled in a new direction, totally un-stuck (and we even managed to keep spoiler-free)! And Esby got to laugh at how often I tried to tuck my phone into a pocket that wasn't there, because it seems like I am never NOT wearing a chef's coat; basically, it looked like I was feeling myself up a lot, because that pocket's right over my left boob. Almost dropped the phone as a result, each time. Yay for people who put up with me XD
  • I actually have a handful of recs collected (again, TW, Suits, and Avengers), though I'm sure a number of you have read some of these things already, but I'll eventually post them here. They're from a number of genres--crack, smut, ovary-exploding UST, angsty H/C, etc, because I like all manner of things :)
  • Saw Skyfall. Twice (once w/ DH, once w/ DH, Esby, and her hubby). Accidentally not!fic'd some Bond/Q stuff with maja_li. No surprise there. Also some stuff with Harvey Specter, involving Bond. And some Harvey/Mike, Bond/Q crossover stuff. Again, no real surprise. PAR FOR THE COURSE, IS WHAT I AM SAYING.
And that's really it, as far as I can recall at the moment. I'm kind of sick (which happens sooooo very rarely, so when this cold popped up, I was basically like "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?"; I haven't had a cold in, like, 4+ years), and more than a bit overworked, so I'll probably remember a bunch of stuff after I hit post.

HOW IS EVERYONE, BTW? I MISSSSSSSS YOU GUYSSSSSSSS. *glomps everyone before ducking back into the kitchen to make cakes*
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Suits Fic: Edith and Gordon (PG) [Aug. 23rd, 2012|06:35 pm]
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Title: Edith and Gordon
Fandom: Suits
Characters/Pairings: Edith Ross, Gordon Specter, Mike Ross, Harvey Specter
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1500
Beta: groolover
Spoilers: Through 2x09 (“Asterisk”).
Warnings: none, other than canon events.
Summary: A meeting, in Heaven.
Author's Note: Written/intended as Harvey/Mike preslash, but can easily be read as gen. Was initially going to be longer, but I wanted this up before 2x10 aired (so there might be a continuation some time in the future, but we'll see about that). Also, this can be blamed entirely on maja_li (is anyone surprised by that, at this point?).

Edith and GordonCollapse )

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(no subject) [Jul. 14th, 2012|10:18 am]
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Title: Challenge
Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel; 2012 movie 'verse)
Pairings/Characters: Tony/Steve (pre-slash; can be read as gen)
Word Count: 400
Rating: G
Summary: He hasn't known Tony Stark long, but Steve knows that look in his eye all too well. It's the look of someone about to propose a challenge he's already sure he can win.
Warnings/Contains: drinking/drunkenness
A/N: I blame this fic (like so many of my others) on maja_li. We were discussing the Marvel films the night I had finally caught up on them, before seeing The Avengers. She said she wanted a fic that corresponds with the last line of dialogue in this ficlet, and I wrote this on the spot, promising to write the follow-up once I'd seen The Avengers. That fic is currently in the works, and will appear shortly. But it all starts with this.
Alternate Links: On AO3

He hasn't known Tony Stark long, but Steve knows that look in his eye all too well. It's the look of someone about to propose a challenge he's already sure he can win.

So when Tony opens his mouth, eyebrows raised, and asks Steve if he can keep up when it comes to holding his liquor, Steve simply nods and gives him a quiet "I think I can manage."

God knows how many drinks later, Tony's barely upright and Steve's just worrying about the bar tab. But then Tony flashes one of his many plastic cards--this one black and sleek like half the things that he owns--and the bartender waves Steve off.

"What, did they build you so a good, wholesome American boy like you can't get drunk and embarrass the country?" Tony slurs as they make their way outside of the bar. "Or is there some sort of injectable potion they've got you on, too?"

"High metabolism," is Steve's response. He slings one of Tony's arms around his neck and wraps one of his arms around Tony's waist, trying to keep him on his feet. "Easy does it."

Tony laughs. "Guy like you isn't chivalrous enough to carry me home in his arms?"

Even Steve smirks. "I usually reserve that for dames with twisted ankles or fainting spells, but if you insist..."

It's easy to sling Tony up and get him into his arms, despite all the drunken flailing and protesting suddenly taking place. "I didn't mean that you--" he starts, but Steve just holds him tighter.

"Oh, just a lot of talk, huh?" Steve asks, trying to ignore the looks they're getting from the few people on the street.

"Hey now. I may talk, but I can back it up, I'll have you know."

"Yeah, when you're in your suit," Steve murmurs, bending his knees enough to get the passenger door open and manhandle Tony inside. He can drive Tony's car home. Probably. It's just a car, right? At least this one's older than a lot of the ones Tony drives.

He situates himself behind the wheel and looks over when Tony taps him on the shoulder with just his index finger. "Yeah?"

"We've really got to get you and Thor together in a drinking contest," Tony says earnestly, and then he's out cold, and all Steve can do is shake his head and grin in spite of himself as he buckles in and starts the engine.

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*flail* [Jul. 12th, 2012|05:12 pm]
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I have epic amounts of flailing to do over awesome things! But I am so giddy about things that I cannot be coherent! But there is massive good news, and there was an awesome husband-friendly fangirl meeting yesterday evening, and the good news comes with bonus good news!

*flails and knocks self in face*

Um. Till I get the flail under control, I am just gonna post a fic or two. Avengers ficlet, and maybe something else! Will write a real post later! *glomps everyone*
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HP Fic: Wine and Pleasure in Equal Measure (Harry/Draco; NC-17) [May. 18th, 2012|08:00 am]
[Tags|, , , , , , , , ]

Title: Wine and Pleasure in Equal Measure
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings: Harry/Draco
Beta: groolover
Word Count: 7,100
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harry isn't really a wine-drinker, but this evening might change his mind.
Warnings: adult language, sexual content
A/N: Written for alisanne, during the 2012 round at hpvalensmut.

Wine, Harry mused, especially the expensive stuff Draco was now ordering, was very much a Malfoy way to celebrate.

"Why not champagne?" Harry asked after a moment, watching their waiter pour them each a glass and leave the bottle, along with an empty goblet.

"Because," Draco said, raising his eyebrows and swirling the wine in the glass, looking at it as if it needed to pass some test before he'd let it pass his lips, "champagne is overdone for celebrations. Not to mention, this place has a far better red wine selection than it does sparkling white wine selection, and it only has one true champagne." He paused and raised his glass, inhaling deeply with his eyes closed. "Besides," he said, opening his eyes and fixing Harry with a look, "we're going to be eating dinner, and while champagne has its place, wine goes much better with food. Especially a Merlot as exquisite as this."

"I'll take your word for it," Harry muttered, pulling his own glass a little closer and peering into it. He didn't know much about wines the way Draco obviously did – and when your family had its own vineyard, he supposed a little wine snobbery was to be expected – but he did know he'd rather have had a Firewhiskey, or even just a pint of ale or lager or whatever sounded good with the dinner they were about to order.

"Where is Weasley, anyway?" Draco asked a moment later. "I'm all for letting wine breathe in the glass before imbibing, but he's pushing it just a bit."

Harry shrugged and eyed the menus in the centre of the table. It had been a very long day, and what he really wanted, more than anything else, was a good, hearty dinner, a long soak in his tub at home... and, if he were being completely honest, a nice, vigorous wank between the sheets before nodding off for the evening. "I don't know. He said six-thirty, didn't he?"

"Yes." Draco pulled a ridiculously ornate silver – or maybe platinum – pocketwatch out of his robes and frowned at it. "And it's nearly seven. How long does it take a man to change after work?"

"Beats me," Harry said with a shrug, hoping Draco hadn't just heard his stomach growl. Not even a basket of bread on the table. Harry didn't think nearly as much of this place as Draco and George apparently did. He knew they came here periodically to have dinner and discuss business. Harry didn't really think of George as the type to appreciate stuffy places with long wine lists, but he'd argued that the dishes were good and the food was plentiful – and, coming from someone raised by Molly Weasley, Harry had figured that was a good enough recommendation.

"Excuse me, Mister Potter?" the hostess asked, tapping him on the shoulder. "Mister Weasley sent this for you just now." She held out an envelope with Harry written on it in George's handwriting.

"Thank you."

"He requested that any response be sent back directly."

"Fine." Harry opened the envelope and removed the handwritten note, reading it quickly, feeling Draco's curious stare burning a hole into him.


Sorry to let you down at the last minute, but I'll be taking the opportunity to "celebrate" with Angelina this evening. As my way of saying I'm sorry, the hostess has been instructed to put the evening's meal on my tab. Please, both of you, enjoy the evening, and I'll see you back at the shop on Monday.

– George

"Any reply, sir?" the hostess asked, favouring him with a smile.

Harry considered options such as "you're leaving me alone for the evening with Draco Malfoy. You owe me more than dinner" and "you've left Draco Malfoy in a place with an extensive wine list and access to your tab. You're going to be sorrier than you know" and sighed. "No. No response. Thank you."

"So where is he?" The hostess had taken all of three steps away from their table, tucked into the corner of the restaurant and considerably more private than some of the others, before Draco demanded answers.

"Not coming."

"Are you serious?" Draco asked, face going sort of pinched. "This was his idea. We're celebrating the finalisation of a deal for his business. What else could he possibly be doing?"

"Angelina," Harry said without thinking, making them both blanch a little. "I mean, he said he was celebrating with her this evening instead."

"No," Draco said with a little shudder. "You were right the first time you spoke, I'm afraid, and thank you so much for that visual. I'm not certain all the wine in this place can make me forget that."

Harry eyed the bottle in the centre of the table and smirked. "Care to see about that?"

Draco looked from the bottle to the wine list sitting at the edge of the table, and then up to meet Harry's eyes. He smiled slowly, showing off his nearly-perfect teeth in a wide grin as he continued to consider Harry, head tilted to one side, ever-so-slightly. "Harry Potter. If I've never officially said it before, I will say it now: I may very well have been wrong about you." He chuckled. "I hope your liver's healthy, and you're stocked up with hangover potion at home, because tonight may be a night you remember all your life."


It only took two glasses for Harry to remember that the reason he opted for other drinks over wine was that wine, no matter how fancy, no matter how sweet or dry or whatever else it claimed to be, hit him hard. And after four...

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry!" he exclaimed, reaching for his wand to clean up the wine that was rapidly spreading across the table, soaking the white cloth and heading directly towards Draco's lap. After a moment spent trying to remember which bloody spell to use, he'd got it taken care of, Draco smirking at him and raising an eyebrow. "There."

"No damage done," Draco said with a little huffing laugh. "But perhaps you'd better let me pour your next glass. Now, continue with your story. Without all the flailing gestures, this time. What, exactly, had they done when you finally decided to save them?"

Harry grinned and watched Draco pour him a glass from the bottle their waiter had brought only a few minutes earlier, giving them pointed looks as they laughed loudly but not saying anything about their volume. "Like I said, I'd been around for the better part of a week, after the Minister demanded I take leave before I killed myself with work, so I knew George'd been having some trouble. The coffee mix-up and the accidental parcel-switching were bad enough. But when I walked in to find him and Ron somehow stuck back-to-back and unable to get apart, I figured that was a good a time as any to offer to help."

Draco snorted. "I might've let them suffer a bit longer before helping, but that's me." He shook his head in amusement, the crystal centrepiece refracting the light from the candles inside onto his hair as he dipped his head. Harry took a moment to appreciate the golden effect, which made Draco look a lot... softer, for lack of a better word, a look helped a bit by the pinkness in his cheeks and the smile on his lips. It was ridiculous, Harry knew, and probably exceptionally foolish, and maybe even a sign all those spell hits he'd taken during his work as an Auror had brain-damaged him in some way, but there were moments over the last four months when he'd actually found Draco sort of attractive, when he wasn't being a sarcastic prat.

... Actually, even sometimes when he was being a sarcastic prat.

"I might've considered it," Harry said, sniggering. "It really was priceless, believe me."

"I only wish I could have seen it myself," Draco said with a grin, offering Harry the glass of wine. Harry reached for it, trying to grab it by the stem and not the bowl, as he'd already been lectured to do, but, between the limited amount of available space and his somewhat impaired fine motor skills, his fingers met Draco's. But instead of pulling away or making some little biting remark about his lack of dexterity, Draco let his touch linger for a moment more. Then, so subtly Harry might have missed it, had he not been staring so intently at the stem, determined not to spill again, Draco rubbed the tip of his thumb against the tip of Harry's in a small circle.

Harry blinked at his wine glass, as it it could tell him anything. That had been... weird. But not exactly unwelcome. Come to think of it, it wasn't even the first time they'd touched since sitting down at the table tucked into the dim corner, the one George had asked for when he'd made the reservation this afternoon. He'd clapped Draco on the shoulder as he'd arrived, and Draco had elbowed him for something he'd said to the waiter when he'd finally come around to take their dinner order. Then there had been Draco putting his pocket watch directly into the palm of Harry's hand earlier, when he'd asked to get a better look at it, and Harry'd put his hand against Draco's upper arm not too long ago, when they'd both leaned in and scanned the wine list together – not that Harry'd had any insight to anything on there.

If he didn't know better, Harry would almost think they'd been flirting for most of the evening.

That had to be the wine talking.

"Um, thanks," Harry finally said, realising Draco was looking at him as if awaiting some sort of response.

"Make certain you drink this one, not wear it," Draco said with a chuckle, smiling at him in a way that was almost indulgent. He was smiling an awful lot, and it was slowly occurring to Harry that it might not be simply due to their finally-completed project involving a new line of products at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, or even the fact that they'd had an exceptionally good meal and more than their fair share of wine. "Think you can manage that?"

"Guess we'll find out," Harry said, feeling sort of warm in a way that was probably due to the wine, but might not be. He felt like he should say something else – anything else – but could not, for the life of him, figure out what that might be. There had been something to that moment of thumb-rubbing, there had to have been, because it felt good and made his heart speed up just a little bit, and it wasn't like Draco seemed... uninterested. He cleared his throat. "What would you say to dessert?" Another course, at least, might buy him some time to test the waters a bit. Because there actually was some part of him that was intrigued by this new prospect.

Draco took the last sip of his glass of wine and shrugged. "I could do dessert. Anything in particular in mind?"

"No." Harry signalled their waiter and asked for a dessert menu, finishing off his glass of wine before the man returned with a single menu, giving them another raised-eyebrow look before walking away again. Harry took it and realised that either they'd have to take turns with it, or...

He moved his empty glass aside and looked at Draco, gesturing towards the menu, but not handing it over. "What looks good to you?"

Draco regarded him for a moment before he scooted his chair closer, mouth pursed in a curious expression as he leaned in. They were definitely close now – Harry could smell Draco's cologne, something crisp that reminded him of mountain lakes or forests after a rainstorm – and Harry suppressed a shiver. There was something here, some potential that was just waiting for the right moment, whatever that might be. Harry closed his eyes and tried to gather his thoughts for a moment, which was surprisingly hard to do, given all the wine he'd had. "I was thinking something classic, like the cheesecake," Draco said after a moment with his head bent over the menu. "It's just a bit rich, is my only worry."

"We can share it," Harry suggested quickly. "If you don't mind."

"No," Draco said, small, crooked grin replacing the pursed look. "I don't mind at all. As long as you don't hog it."

"Yeah, I think I can manage to share."

"If you don't, I have no problem stabbing the back of your hand with my fork. Keep that in mind. No Weasley-like approaches to dessert, Harry."

"All right, all right."

Draco signalled their waiter back, and handed over the menu. "We'll have the cheesecake."

"Two slices?"

"No, just one to share." Draco was either oblivious to the man's raised eyebrows and quickly-tamed smirk, or had chosen to ignore them. "But a glass of Eiswein for each of us."

"More wine?" Harry asked, as their server wandered away again. More alcohol was probably the last thing he needed, especially when he was trying to sort out if what he and Draco were doing was flirting, and if this celebration had somehow turned into a date.

Things would have been a hell of a lot easier if George had just shown up.

"A dessert wine, specifically. Nice and sweet.Trust me, you'll like it."

Harry shrugged. "All right." He was gradually coming around to thinking that if this was flirting, it had some interesting potential. Still, he wasn't completely certain. And one thing was obvious – if there was going to be some sort of... something... between them, then Harry had better be damned sure. Because if he made the wrong assumption and it just happened that Draco Malfoy was a pleasant drunk who simply forgot the finer points of personal space and acceptable social norms regarding physical contact, then he was never going to hear the end of it.

He was also a bit surprised that the idea of flirting with Draco – and, indeed, of being attracted to him, and wanting the same in return – was really not unpleasant in the slightest. But such appeared to be the case and, if nothing else, Harry was generally the type to try to make the best out of an odd situation.

Unfortunately, he was having a hell of a time trying to figure out a way to test the boundaries without being too obvious. This really would be easier stone cold sober. But then again, if that were the case, he might not have the courage or lack of inhibition necessary to do it in the first place.

Fuck it. He was just going to have to go for it, even if his attempts at subtlety weren't really all that subtle.

"... even listening, are you?"

"Huh?" Harry blinked and looked at Draco, who was rolling his eyes at him.

"I said, you're not even listening to me, are you? Merlin, Potter, how drunk are you?"

"Pretty wrecked, actually," Harry admitted.

The corner of Draco's mouth twitched up into a smile. "What is it you appear to be concentrating so hard on? Remaining vertical?"

"No. I, um... I was trying to remember when the last time I'd had this much to drink was, as a celebration instead of after the end of a bad day." Well, it wasn't what he'd been thinking right then, but that should hold up enough. Because really, Harry could only count a small handful of times he'd been this drunk within the last few years, and only one of those times had been for something positive. None of the mornings following had been exceptionally pleasant, especially if wine had been involved.

Draco eyed him sceptically but, before he could follow up Harry's response with another question, their waiter arrived, setting a glass of light-coloured wine in front of each of them before setting a massive slice of cheesecake on the table, giving a them a nod before murmuring something and slipping away.

Harry looked down at the dessert between them and whistled. "This thing is huge. And that is a lot of whipped cream."

Scoffing, Draco reached for one of the forks. "Please. A place like this doesn't serve something so plebeian as whipped cream with their cheesecake." He gestured down at their dessert. There were thick swirls of caramel on the plate underneath the cheesecake, and the white billowy stuff that sure as hell looked like whipped cream more than doubled the height of the slice. "It's white chocolate mousse." He speared a small bite of cheesecake and plenty of the cream with his fork, put it into his mouth, slid the fork out from between his teeth slowly, and made a noise that was alarmingly like a moan. Harry instantly wondered whether that was the sort of sound Draco would make in bed. He really needed to figure out what was going on between them, especially now that he was having thoughts like that. "Try it. Slowly," Draco ordered after a moment, looking at Harry in a very peculiar way. "Savour it."

"Months working together on this project, and you're still trying to order me around?" Harry asked, shaking his head as he picked up the other fork. "Thought you'd finally learned I don't generally listen to those."

"Tell me about it," Draco sighed. "Stubborn git." He took another small forkful of their dessert and made a face at Harry.

"Spoiled prat." He stuffed the bite of cheesecake into his mouth and chewed quickly, just to be contrary, until his taste buds registered what was going on. Then, he had to consciously remember that it wasn't generally regarded as polite to sit with one's mouth hanging open, especially when there was food in that mouth.

Whipped cream had nothing on white chocolate mousse, especially when paired with caramel and what might be the richest, smoothest cheesecake in existence. "Oh. My. God."

"I told you it was good," Draco smirked.

"Good? It's like... it's like an orgasm in my mouth, which is totally amazing," Harry slurred, only realising what he'd really said when Draco spluttered into his glass of Eiswein. "Fuck. I mean... Er..." Well, damn it. Now, not only could he not come up with something to cover that bit of accidental innuendo, but he was also now thinking about actual orgasms, and how one could literally experience that sort of thing in one's mouth, in a manner of speaking. He'd never actually had that experience – or rather, been on the mouth-end of it – but now his mind was providing all sorts of suggestions and visuals.

And, given the way he seemed to be having trouble recovering, Draco might be having a similar problem. Harry hoped so, in any case.

"You all right?" he asked, giving Draco a couple of good, solid thumps on the back. He debated leaving his hand there, or letting it slide up and play with the hair at the back of Draco's neck, or maybe sliding it down to rest at the small of his back. But that wouldn't be subtle at all. There might be growing... um...'evidence' that there was an attraction here – at least, in Harry's case – but he needed to be positive. He could blame the Auror training for that need. Damn them.

"Fine, fine," Draco said, finally straightening up and clearing his throat a few times. "Just... wrong pipe." He looked at Harry for a moment, and then some of that smirk came back. He took a bit of the back of the cheesecake – the part with all the crust – onto his fork and dragged it through some of the pooled caramel on the plate. "But for the full experience, try it this way." He held out his fork, not angled so that Harry could take hold of it for himself, but so that he'd have to lean in and eat off Draco's utensil.

Harry just stared back at Draco for a moment. Well. It seemed things were getting more interesting. His cock gave another twitch, and he hoped like hell this wasn't just going to be some session of teasing, just because they were both drunk, both relaxing after completing their project at George's shop, both with low-enough inhibitions to have knocked down some of their boundaries... and both still enjoying their ability to tease and fuck with the other.

If so, Harry was going to have one hell of an energetic wank tonight – likely the second he got home.

Slowly, keeping his eyes locked on Draco's, Harry leaned forward and took the bite of cheesecake from Draco's fork. Draco's eyes went wide as Harry licked his lips, and then they narrowed. Underneath the table, Harry felt something – Draco's knee, from what he could gather – press up against his thigh, warm and solid and in no way accidental. "How do you like that?" Draco asked, smirk even wider, and Harry knew he didn't mean just the dessert.

"Can't complain," Harry said, trying for casual and pretending the only thing on his mind was the cheesecake.

"Good," Draco murmured, taking a sip of his wine and also looking suddenly casual, as what felt like his foot, still in his expensive leather shoes, slid around towards the back of Harry's leg and stroked lightly up his calf. Harry somehow managed to suppress a shiver.

Fucking prat. Well, two could play at this game.

"This really is quite good," Harry said after taking a sip of his own wine, surprised at how refreshing it was, the sweetness of it tempered by the richness of the cheesecake. "I wasn't sure about it, but they... pair well. Sort of a nice indulgence." It was tough to do, this verbal sparring, when he was this end of drunk, but this seemed like a good time to put in the effort.

"Exactly," Draco said, nodding, his face flushed in a way Harry was finally willing to bet wasn't just from the wine. "Maybe not something you'd immediately think to put together, but complementary, nonetheless."

"I think," Harry said once he'd managed to stop holding his breath in response to Draco's foot's occasional light strokes, now a little below his knee, "that this might be just what I've needed." He put down his fork next to the now-three-quarters-gone cheesecake slice and dragged his finger through more of the caramel, ignoring table manners completely in favour of sucking it off his fingertip, feeling triumphant as Draco let out a small, huffing sigh and bit his lower lip.

"I do wonder why we've never done this before," Draco said, voice richer and deeper than Harry'd ever heard it. He moved his glass of wine out of the way, closer to Harry, and reached out to pluck the cherry from the side of the plate, where Harry'd knocked it earlier, trying to get a good, solid bite. Catching Harry's eye, he raised his eyebrows, almost as if in a silent challenge, reached out his tongue for the fruit, and sucked the cherry off the stem.

That was it. Harry was done playing. He couldn't take any more.

Draco reached for his glass of wine, but Harry stopped him, grabbing for him suddenly and wrapping his fingers around Draco's wrist. Draco looked up at him with what appeared to be a mixture of shock and amusement. "Enough," Harry nearly growled. He shifted in his seat, pressing his own knee into the side of Draco's thigh. "Do you want to get out of here?"

"Fuck me, Potter, I thought you'd never catch on," he moaned, squirming in a way that told Harry that he was just as turned on, if not more so. "You sober enough to Apparate?"

"Probably not, but I'm almost willing to try," Harry replied. "Because I don't think I can walk to the front of the restaurant and wait for the Floo."

"Never mind that," Draco said, shaking his head, a determined and almost predatory look on his face. "Just hold on."

Draco's other arm – the one that wasn't still in Harry's grip – reached up, and Draco wrapped his fingers around Harry's upper arm, holding him tightly. Harry suddenly realised the order to hold on had been quite literal. "I swear to Merlin, Draco, if you splinch anyt– "

But before he could even finish his threat, Harry felt the pull of Side-Along Apparition, and the words were yanked from his mouth.


Wine, Harry thought quite happily – if a little dizzily – was amazing stuff, and he really didn't drink it often enough.

His threat to Draco had been cut off the moment Draco Apparated them and, when they'd hit solid ground again, any chance to continue had been cut off when Draco simultaneously caught him mid-stumble and pushed him back against the wall, their mouths pressed together, Harry's eagerly opening in order to let Draco's tongue have access before he'd even properly processed their arrival.

Harry had snogged people before, had initiated and allowed and put up with, but never had he been snogged so forcefully, so possessively. It wasn't just enthusiastic; Draco kissed him as if he needed Harry in some way, like he was a supply of desperately-needed air found deep underwater, or heat in the midst of an arctic blizzard.

And, odd as it was, Harry rather thought he could identify with that feeling.

Also, yes, why the hell hadn't they figured this out before now?

Harry reached up and twisted one hand in Draco's robes, trying to pull him even closer. He wanted more than kissing, more than the feel of Draco's tongue sliding around his mouth, twisting and licking, more than the crush of their mouths together, or Draco sucking at his lower lip. It was a good start – a fucking fantastic start, really – but not enough.

Draco moaned into Harry's mouth as Harry dragged him closer, and just that noise, more than all the harsh breathing and the thudding of Harry's heart echoing in his chest and his ears, nearly undid him right there. That was a noise of desire, of lust and something needy, and it went straight through him in a way he couldn't explain.

"More," Harry panted, finally pulling away enough to get a good look at Draco. He held his gaze, working one hand into Draco's robes and trailing it down along his chest, down his stomach, and finally rotating his wrist so that he could slide his palm down, pressing up against the erection straining against Draco's pants.

Shuddering under Harry's touch, Draco nodded. His hips bucked once as Harry gave another open-palmed stroke, and then he dipped his head forward, biting at Harry's neck and breathing a soft, "Oh, you'll get more, all right," into his ear before going for the buttons of Harry's robes, starting at the very top.

He undid each button slowly, fingers cool against Harry's chest as they worked their way down. His mouth followed after his hands, hot and damp against the skin that had just been chilled, kisses and soft teasing bites trailing down until Draco had Harry's robes off his shoulders. But instead of shoving the robes the rest of the way down and onto the floor, Draco gathered them in his hands and used them to pull Harry away from the wall, up against him, his hands now trapped at his sides. Another sharp tug, and they were pressed together, navels to knees; this time, when Draco rolled his hips, rubbing his hard length against Harry's, it was Harry's turn to moan. He wasn't sure he could take much teasing.

"Feel good?" Draco murmured, letting go of the robes and letting them fall in favour of reaching one hand past the waistband of Harry's pants and wrapping his cool fingers around Harry's shaft, nipping at his shoulder as he leaned in.

"What do you think?" Harry asked tightly, squirming as Draco stroked him in a slow, regular rhythm.

Draco pulled back and smirked, keeping his hand steadily at its task. "Frankly, I'm surprised you can even get it up, after that much wine."

"I'm f-full of surprises," Harry retorted, stuttering slightly when Draco's thumb rubbed the head of his cock, which was already leaking pre-come, and moved back to spread it around, just under the head.

"I'm sure you are." Draco reached one arm behind Harry and pulled him forwards, until they were pressed together, forehead resting against forehead. "So show me." His eyes gleamed in that way that hinted at invitation, tinged with just a bit of challenge.

"My pleasure," Harry breathed, kissing him deeply for a moment before spinning the two of them around until it was Draco up against the wall.

He wasted no time in getting Draco mostly out of his robes – enough so that Harry could run his hands up and down Draco's torso, could press his bare chest against Draco's back as he wrapped one arm around him, pulling him as close as he could manage and taking hold of Draco's cock with his free hand. The position was slightly awkward, but Harry figured he could manage. Right now, this let them be close, connected in a way they hadn't been yet, and Harry savoured the feeling of Draco's warm skin against his own in the cool room, the weight of Draco's cock in his hand, and the way his own nestled up against the crack of Malfoy's arse, pressed tightly between them as he frotted against him. God, it might not even take him long to come like this; drunk or not, Harry thought he stood a chance of coming before his cock even discovered anywhere truly interesting.

In fact, it was maybe only a minute or so later before Harry couldn't keep back a high, desperate whine as his hips rocked against Draco's faster, his orgasm quickly approaching a point of no return.

"Oh, no you don't," Draco grunted, reaching up to shove himself away from the wall. He turned around, face flushed and chest heaving, and fixed Harry with a look that said they were a long way from done. "Not that quickly." He removed Harry's underpants the rest of the way, then reached down and cupped Harry's balls, stroking the spot behind them and just before his perineum gently with the tip of one finger. It felt amazing in a different way, almost like an instant dose of muscle-relaxing potion, something that made him want to go limp all over – well, almost all over – instead of tensing until he could only explode. "Better?"

"Yes and no," Harry moaned, head falling back as Draco continued to massage the area with a light touch.

Draco chuckled. "Well, then. Perhaps it's time to change location. There is quite a comfortable bed, just up those stairs..." He gave Harry's shaft a light squeeze, and Harry moaned again, wondering if this could possibly feel this good if he hadn't had anything to drink. He thought it might. "Look at me, Potter. I want to see your reaction."

Harry raised his head and looked into grey eyes that were hazy, but still clear enough. Draco's pupils were wider than usual, and Harry almost thought that, given some more self-control, he could lose himself in them as he did little more than snog Draco until they were both comatose. "Reaction to what?"

"I was wondering," Draco said, now stroking his shaft with one hand, and massaging that place behind his sac with the other, making for some very conflicting feelings that were nevertheless both incredibly good, "if you thought you could last long enough to fuck me."

Draco Malfoy was going to kill Harry after all, all these years later. He was just going to do it naked, teasing and saying the right things until something in Harry's head burst. Well, the hell with that. Harry hadn't lived this long to die right now, at the precipice of some new adventure. "I can barely stand, but yeah, I think I might pull that off."

"Good." Draco tilted his head forward and sucked lightly at Harry's bottom lip. "Then follow me." He undid the last of his robes, letting them fall to the floor as he led Harry towards and up the staircase, then down the hall, pausing against a closed door to what was probably his bedroom. "Off with everything else," he whispered, and it took Harry a moment to remember that he wasn't completely nude, a problem that was fixed very quickly. Draco grinned and tugged Harry into the room by his wrist, turning around once they were inside to kiss him again in the dark. Harry's lips felt nearly bruised, but fuck, he could do this all night. There was something about this, some level of intimacy to it that hadn't been there with any of the few one-offs Harry'd had in the past, and it was driving him mad, but in a way that was good.

Harry kissed him back, hands roaming over chest and back and hips, until Draco had the backs of Harry's thighs pressed against the edge of the bed and lowered them both down onto the mattress that was so plush Harry felt like he was floating in the night sky. Harry lay on his back, a mixture of anticipation and lust and contentment swirling around in a way that, along with the wine, sort of made his head – and the rest of the room – spin, even as his eyes adjusted to the dimness. "I can't believe we're doing this," he sighed, watching as Draco straddled him, stumbling just a little on top of the bed and reminding Harry that he wasn't the only one who'd had a lot to drink.

"But you want to?" Draco asked, pausing for just a moment.

"Fuck yes, I do," Harry assured him, propping himself up on one elbow and reaching up to cup one hand behind Draco's neck, pulling him down to kiss him softly. "I've never been so happy someone's stood me up for dinner."

Draco grinned and Summoned a bottle of lube from somewhere, pale skin practically glowing. "All this, and dinner and drinks were free."

Harry laughed, the noise turning into a shuddering gasp when Draco slicked a handful of lube up and down his cock. "Best work-related celebration I've ever had," he managed, unable to keep from squirming. He watched as Draco took Harry's cock in his hand, positioned it, and very, very slowly lowered himself onto it, eyes closed and lower lip caught between his teeth.

Draco was hot and tight around him, and Harry somehow managed to keep his hips from bucking. After a short moment, Draco opened his eyes and looked down at him. "Ever done this before?"

"Which part? Sex, yeah. Fooled around with a bloke, yeah. Been ridden? No."

Draco raised his eyebrows, looking amused. "What, you've bottomed? Who knew the saviour to the wizarding world took it up the arse?" He rocked his hips slowly, making Harry shudder. It was going to take a decent amount of effort to last very long at all.

"I don't! I've fooled around with other men, but only snogging, hand jobs, and one blow job." He reached up and put his hands on Draco's hips, his fingers pressing into the flesh of his arse. This. This was almost close enough, with them joined together like this, fitted together.

Draco's look of amusement transformed into something else that Harry couldn't name. "Oh," he breathed, looking both angelic and devilish as his rocking picked up speed, lit by nothing more than the light from the full moon outside the nearby window. "Well, then. Let me see what I can do to make this memorable."

"Already there," Harry said, finally daring to move his own hips. Draco moaned appreciatively and reached one hand out to tweak Harry's nipple. Harry let him, but let go of Draco's arse in order to catch his hand once Draco pulled back, lacing their fingers together.

Draco just looked down at their joined hands for a moment before giving Harry's hand a squeeze, grinning crookedly. "Didn't realise you were such a romantic," he murmured.

"And I didn't realise you'd let me be. I thought Slytherins hated that stuff."

Draco leaned down and nipped at Harry. "Maybe some of them. Others simply relish the attention." He sped up his movements, making Harry writhe beneath him. "Now shut up and fuck me."

Harry laughed, finding the bottle of lube and pouring some into his own hand before he wrapped it around Draco's cock, which was leaking pre-come onto Harry's chest. He stroked in time to Draco's rocking, wondering how long he could hold out, and how irritated Draco would be if he wasn't even close to getting off by the time Harry did.

It seemed he didn't need to worry. Draco's movements got rougher, more desperate and less steady, and it wasn't too long before he let out a low moan, head lolling back, and tensed himself around Harry, his release spilling over Harry's chest in quick spurts. As Draco shuddered and clenched himself even more tightly around Harry's cock, Harry let himself go, coming hard as he held his breath and gripped Draco's hips tightly. His orgasm might as well have been dynamite; it rocked his body intensely and, by the time it was over, he felt positively shattered, broken into a hundred pieces that might never fit back together. The world spun around him, and Harry managed to make himself open his eyes enough to grin dazedly at Draco as the blankets came up to cover them both, enveloping them in darkness as sleep found him and took him swiftly away, floating on a cloud of endorphins laced with alcohol.


As the sunlight spilled through the curtains and brightened the bedroom, Harry moaned and rolled over. Wine, he thought with a mixture of dismay and pain, was fucking evil stuff. After a moment, he managed to successfully spell the curtains closed. It didn't make the room dark enough to soothe the pounding in his head, but it did help a little. He felt fucking awful, achy and nauseated with a headache that felt like it was going to try to kill him. He rolled onto his back and threw his arm over his eyes, relieved that that seemed to help. If he just lay very, very still, he might survive.

The mattress moved beneath him, and Harry groaned. His stomach protested briefly and resettled, and Harry muttered an "oh, thank God," under his breath. And then there was a mouth pressed lightly against his half-open one, and Harry registered the familiar bitter lime taste of extra-strength hangover potion, hard to come by if you didn't know how to brew your own or weren't in good with a Potions Master, but very effective, and he kissed back, feeling the very worst of his headache and nausea fade.

"Here," a familiar voice said in little more than a whisper, and then a small, cool, glass bottle was pressed into his hand, the memories of last night flooding back as he realised he might be clutching an unopened bottle of the remedy he'd tasted on Draco's lips.

He groaned again as he removed his arm and light stabbed at his closed eyes, and he fumbled the lid off and drained the contents of the bottle greedily. Within seconds, his stomach began to settle and his head cleared significantly. He let out a sigh of relief and finally cracked his eyes open. Draco was leaning over him, smirking affectionately. When Harry offered a hesitant smile, Draco returned it, wider and brighter.

"Glad to see that helped," he said, taking the empty bottle from Harry's hand and dropping it into the bin at the side of the bed. "Now stop squirming. It's too early to get up, especially after a night like last night."

Harry agreed with him, settling onto his side and pulling the duvet over them both. "You're not kicking me out?"

Draco chuckled and shifted until he was pressed up against Harry's back, his breath tickling Harry's ear. "No," he said, lacing the fingers of his left hand through Harry's and placing a soft, open-mouthed kiss on the back of his neck. "Consider this a display of Slytherin romanticism: I've offered my best hangover potion and decided to let you spend all day in my bed, recovering."

Harry snorted and turned around so he was facing Draco, their faces inches apart on the pillow. His hand found Draco's again, and they twined their fingers together once more. "Recovering? All day, after a remedy that potent?"

Draco just grinned. "Well, I'm certain we can find something to do with all that extra time."

"I'm sure we can," Harry agreed, smiling and angling himself to better reach Draco for a long, slow kiss.

You know, wine really wasn't that bad. Harry was pretty certain he could learn to appreciate it.

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Thank You!! (Birthday Recap) [May. 11th, 2012|05:51 am]
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Have had faily internet lately (from home, work, AND public wifi spots), but I've overcome it (...or at least am in a coffee shop where it's decided to work for the moment). So, now, before it decides to go away again, I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for the birthday wishes and gifts and such (and if it holds, I'll do a quick repost of a fest fic that can fit within one LJ entry)!

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-- alisanne posted birthday wishes 
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As for RL birthday happenings:

I went to work. Work itself was okay, though DH managed to get a speeding ticket on the way there (ugh, less than ideal happening). But I arrived and managed to find THIS waiting for me:

Yeah. My Awesome Co-Worker of Awesome made that as a surprise, as her gift to me. You can't really tell from the angle of the picture, but that's a cake actually SHAPED like Gir, on top of a gold cake board (with the icing writing on the board)--the lights kept reflecting off the board from all the other angles that showed that it's not a design just drawn onto some cake. She, our boss (bakery manager), and DH all conspired to make this happen.

Also, DH conspired w/ my aunt/godmother and grandparents (as well as my boss, re: logistics) to set up another surprise: next week, DH and I will be going out to dinner and then seeing Wicked! Boss has even told DH that he'll kick my ass out of work on time that day if he has to, so I'll have time to get ready :)

Other than that, pretty uneventful day. After work, headed to campus, where DH was trying to write his last paper of his undergrad. We sat in the library for a while, then got food, then came back to the house where he kept writing. Eventually (after midnight, I think?), I went to bed. When I got up at 5am, he was still writing. Edited that when he was done a few hours later, sent him out the door to turn it in and take a final, and I napped (Twice. Accidentally. And totally screwed up my sleep cycle). 

About to catch a bus and head off to work. Will get there early solely to have access to a very comfy chair, because the hard ones in this coffee shop are KILLING my back (apparently, an hour's about the point where my lower back just says NO MORE OF THIS PLS). If the wifi's working, I'll do a fic post from there.

Oh, and today's the last day of DH's internship. He's supposed to meet with his supervisor today and discuss...things. Hopefully, that means a part-time job offer (2-3 shifts/wk). If you've got 'please give Khas's DH a job vibes' to spare, now would be the time to send them! Because he's tweaking pretty damned hard. It's more about the openings/job availability than it is about if they think he'd be good at it--he's heard a number of employees tell his supervisor they should hire him, and the school's internship coordinator told him that the evaluation she received on him is the most glowing one she's EVER seen, from that supervisor or any other. Here's hoping!
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